Healthcare Record Cloud Platform

You would like to develop an EHR system, a patient-centric healthcare application or custom patient-doctor application?

iCure Cloud framework helps you save cost and time to market, protect the privacy and build FHIR-compatible solutions.

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Protect sensitive patient records via encryption (GDPR-proof).

FHIR compatibility

Exchange information inside our flexible database structure using HL7 FHIR data model

Online/offline synchronization

Synchronize data and ensure conflict resolution

What is iCure Cloud

Secure and Trusted platform with a Patient in the Center

Develop and deploy your medical solutions on cloud platforms, support horizontal scalability with tens of thousands healthcare professionals and integrate with modern web UI frameworks

iCure Cloud is a patient-centric

encrypted and expandable

Electronic Health Record platform

solution for

health-care professionals approved

by Health Autorities


iCureCloud’s five pillars

1. Patient-Centric

  • Combines Data from multiple HCP’s.
  • Virtual care group around each patient.
  • Cryptographic data access control.

2. Availability

  • Multiple replicas.
  • Multicloud solution.
  • Local version of the data.

3. Transparency

  • Open Source.
  • Externally controlled.

4. Trust

  • Replicates a peer to peer network governed by technology.
  • Trust is shared by sharing cryptographic keys.

5. Encryption

  • Encrypted on HCP computer.
  • Stored and encrypted in the cloud.


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How it works

How iCure Cloud work’s

iCure Cloud operates as a central repository platform offering a software logical layer to third party healthcare software developers. It’s a central hub connecting healthcare applications together, with a standard data format, offering state certification, and many additional services letting the software vendors focus on their core business.

iCure Cloud is the backend engine for multiple applications that we develop for our customers in life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical education industries so that …

Our Partners

Can focus on business development and growth of their user base.

while TAKTIK ensures

Data ezchange compatibility and medical/health data collection, interoperability and protection.

How it works

For healthcare software companies

Our Customers

Keep building their business, detect inefficiencies and minimize the costs and …

trust TAKTIK to

Develop and support custom applications to protect health data while collecting, analyzing and sharing to improve patient outcomes.

How it works

For custom projects