Trust and Data Privacy

iCure adheres to the highest security and privacy standards through asymmetric end-to-end encryption.

It replicates the trust network among healthcare professionals using a PKI (Private Key Infrastructure).

Encrypted on HCP computer. Stored encrypted in the cloud.

Open source and externally auditable encryption algorithms.


FHIR Data Model

Seamless FHIR Compatibility.

Extensible data model. Synchronization friendly.

Prevents conflicts in multi-site or online/offline deployments.


Data Sharing and Interoperability.

Besides native FHIR support, iCure includes .XDSb repository/registry support and .XDSb consumer/source. We also support local eHealth regulatory exchange solutions. Meaning that your solutions will have embedded interoperability with most EHRs or EMRs.


Hybrid Cloud Support

State of the art real-time replication. Combine the benefits of in the cloud storage and local data persistence for reliability and optimal access time.


Online/Offline Synchronization

Offline/online support guarantees data access on mobile applications and low network areas. iCure provides easy conflict resolution while the network is back and the real-time synchronization restarts.


Redundancy and Availability

iCure Application Server and Database are deployed in the cloud or on Premises as clusters. Support of between 1 and 27 nodes is available. Separate clusters can be synchronized.


Proudly Developed with Patients and Doctors

Patient-centric - Combines data from multiple HCPs. Virtual care group around each patient.

10+ years of experience developing together with healthcare professionals and European regulators

iCure Modules

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